4th General Meeting

Join us for our 4th General Meeting where we will have Dr. Don Devine. Dr. Devine was part of the Reagan Administration and was director of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management. For more information, visit our event page on Facebook .

Room: PAR 306
Time: 6 pm

NOTICE: Time and room are DIFFERENT!

Thanks and a Handshake

By Katelyn Miller, YCT-UT Member.

Two Novembers ago I was driving on an overcrowded highway outside San Diego. I could hardly see the exit sign for Camp Pendleton because of the huge McDonalds freightliner that couldn’t seem to move slowly enough. I was lucky if, even in small increments, I was able to push my rented Dodge Charger over 10mph. I went through multiple security gates, and, in the end, found myself waiting next to hundreds of other families for the 3rd Battalion to come home.

They marched around the corner, countless and seemingly immune to the desert winds that had us all shivering. They were led by a proud Marine in a wheelchair, both of his legs gone from the thigh down and a thick bandage around the crown of his head. His skin, like every soldier behind him, was charred by Afghanistan’s sun, and his eyes scanned the crowd, looking for the loves he left behind. He turned his chair with one hand toward the small and worn-down flag in front of the old barracks building, and saluted with the other. The air broke between the ranks as hundreds of bandaged hands followed suit.

When I heard about Chris Kyle’s death my mind went right back to those men. Here is a man who put aside his own safety to win ours, who spent his days living in desert dust that we might spend ours in the land of opportunity. That kind of patriotism ought never to go without applause. The most decorated sniper in our history deserves every accolade and every bit of praise this country can give him, even after death.

But he is not the only hero this country has. Hundreds of thousands of them are walking the streets with us, passing us in airports. They’re the ones not present at kindergarten graduations, they’re the ones missing at family reunions, they’re the unopened Christmas gift, the vacant car in the driveway, and the waiting stack of mail. They are the lives put on hold that holds our country together, and if we are ever to remember our fallen, it is imperative that we honor the living.

If you see them behind you in a fast food line or at a table near yours in a restaurant, pick up the bill. Send them a valentine. Fill a few boxes full of snacks and send it overseas. Whatever it is, let them know they’re heroes as often as you can. It doesn’t have to cost you money- a simple “thanks” and a handshake will do just fine. Don’t wait on this one.

Former U.S. Navy Seal, Chris Kyle

Getting Back to the Basics on Concealed Carry on Campus

Gregory Harrison, YCT-UT chapter member.
It’s that time of year again, (or two years, to be more precise) and the 83rd Texas Legislature is well underway. Although the old adage by Mark Twain that goes, “No man’s life, liberty, or property are safe while the Legislature is in session,” holds a tragic amount of truth far too often, fortunately here in Texas there are enough principled conservative lawmakers to effectively combat the nasty side effects of the government making peoples’ decisions for them. One particularly poignant example of principled legislative effort can be seen in Senator Brian Birdwell’s (R-Granbury) Senate Bill 182, more popularly known as the “Campus Carry Bill.”
The current law in regards to concealed carry prohibits concealed handgun licensees from carrying their firearm into buildings on public university campuses. This bill, along with its State House counterpart, H.B. 706, filed by Giovanni Capriglione (R-Southlake), would amend the current law to allow students, faculty, and visitors with concealed handgun licenses to lawfully carry their firearms into campus buildings, and would also prevent public colleges and universities from imposing administrative bans or penalties on those who lawfully carry within their facilities.
This isn’t the first time the legislature has had an opportunity to consider campus carry, and, as usual, there is a lot of opposition to the legislation. Unfortunately, campus carry has been historically defeated by ignorant naysayers who believe that concealed guns on campus will instantaneously create shootouts with twitchy, stressed out, energy drink-inundated students. Disregarding statistical evidence that concealed handgun licensees are among the least violent and least apt to commit crimes out of all sorts of social demographics (in Texas, CHL holders are 14 times LESS likely to commit a crime than non-CHL holders) and the fact that the country’s highest percentage of revoked licenses (from misuse, whether violent crime or otherwise) barely tips the scale at 1.2%, many liberals are still blowing the horn saying that this is a bad idea that will result in campus shootouts. Keep in mind that the law only allows licensed holders, not just anyone, to carry – people who, as the above evidence shows, are among the least violent demographics in the country. Of course, someone intent on committing a crime is going to bring their gun to campus anyway, but there are those who seem unable to grasp that fact.
And let’s not forget the tired argument that the police are there to protect you, so why should you need a gun on campus? Disregarding the fact that police response times can be up to 15 minutes for an emergency, this argument is as constitutionally ignorant as the interpretation of the second amendment of those who espouse it. In Warren v. District of Columbia, the D.C. Court of Appeals ruled that the police do NOT have a duty to protect citizens from crime, only to enforce laws. So, if it’s not their responsibility to protect you, then whose is it?
The answer is you. Nobody is responsible for your protection but you. So call your respective lawmakers and urge them to support SB 182 and HB 706, so that law abiding citizens can remain responsible on campus, legally.
Gregory Harrison, YCT-UT chapter member.

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“The Texas Revolution” and the Anti-SG Sentiment

Students come and students go but at the end of the day everything on the UT campus stays the same…at least in regards to Student Government and campus politics. Budget cuts, tuition increases, and campaigns with catchy slogans about empowering students or uniting Texas are constant every semester. However, it seems that every couple of years a revolution almost takes place, in fact a few years ago it did happen. Lance Kennedy and Geoffrey Geiger, members of the College Republicans, formed “The Texas Revolution” an alternative to SG and their corruption. SG elections had been so corrupted that it was not a true democracy as there was no real opposition to the status quo candidates who were supported by the secret on campus organization, The Eyes of Texas. College Republicans ended up supporting Kennedy and the Texas Revolution and many former SG and campus activist joined in. In an article in the Daily Texan on October 29, 2008, Ludwig Barragan, compared SG to the PRI party in Mexico and called it the perfect dictatorship. In another article, September 25, 2008, Abhinav Kubar has a quote from a lone student who stated “Student Government has forgotten the students they represent and needs to be reformed in order to serve its true purpose. SG has become a rubber stamp for President Powers to raise tuition.”

This year we are seeing yet another movement on campus wanting reform. Abolish SG has sent out a petition asking students to sign up to do just what their organization name implies, abolish SG. Student Government has been very ineffective and could probably do with some reform but it is sad that this is only coming out once elections have already ended. The true purpose of this organization is nothing like that of the Texas Revolution as it does not truly advocate for reform; it is just a temper tantrum to reinstate the candidates that had been disqualified from the race by the ESB board. They also claim to have a roster of members of the Eyes of Texas and are willing to expose it if Thor and Wills are not investigated and all other candidates are reinstated and a new vote is taking place. Sadly it really isn’t that hard to see who and who is not in the Eyes of Texas since the Texas Revolution took place. However, it seems that from the article published this Monday by Kayla Oliver it seems that someone is trying to link Thor’s ticket to the Eyes of Texas. From my experience it does not seem that a person who has never had an attachment to SG or has been called an “eye-prentice” could be a part of that organization. The article also states that “all underrepresented candidates’ from last month’s executive alliance election [are] the driving force behind the initiative.” This looks more to me like an attempt of the status quo to take back control and make it seem like they are the voice of students. This is unnecessary drama and the university could do without it. Abolish SG is not the Texas Revolution and if students want reform they should start preparing now to run an alliance that will truly support students rather than complain about the past election season.

Saul Mendoza
Government and Spanish Literature Senior
Legislative Director | YCT-UT

YCT Outraged By Closed Meetings, Request University of Texas Open Government Rule


January 24, 2012

Contact: Tony McDonald, Senior Vice Chairman
Mobile: (512) 923-6893
Email: tony.mcdonald@yahoo.com

AUSTIN — Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT) today called on the University of Texas System Board of Regents to reject secret government at the University of Texas at Austin and called on the board to adopt a new regents rule to require open meetings on tuition at all University of Texas System Campuses.

“During the tuition deregulation debate in 2003, University of Texas administrators promised to consult widely with students, but most of that so-called consultation is merely an orchestrated charade designed to encourage gullible student government officials to back huge spending and tuition increases,” said Tony McDonald, YCT Senior Vice Chairman. “UT–Austin administrators are holding closed tuition advisory committee meetings because they want to shield student government leaders from accountability when they carry water for administrators, rather than work for the students they are pledged to represent.”

The Daily Texan has repeatedly sought access to closed Tuition Policy Advisory Committee meetings, where administrators and students make recommendations on the tax dollars in the university budget and future tuition
increases. These requests have been denied by UT-Austin Provost Steven Leslie and Vice President Kevin Hegarty.

During the 2011 Legislative session, YCT worked with Rep. Bryan Hughes (R-Mineola) and passed an amendment that required student fee advisory committee meetings be public. But UT is evading the Hughes amendment by stating that the advisory committee discusses tuition rather than fees.

“The Texas Legislature shouldn’t have to tell a state agency to do the public’s business in public,” said YCT State Chairman Jeff Morris. “And it’s absolutely outrageous that UT administrators are using legal loopholes and trickery to hold closed meetings. We call on all regents to put a stop to this misbehavior immediately and make UT-Austin administrators honor both the spirit and letter of the Hughes amendment.”

YCT sent a letter to University of Texas Regents Chairman Gene Powell proposing a new regents rule that would require that all tuition advisory committees at UT–System schools obey the Hughes amendment and hold their meetings in public. YCT will also be raising this issue with the relevant legislative committees.

YCT also called on the UT Regents to reject any recommendation that resulted from closed meetings and require that the process start over. This is the usual remedy prescribed in Texas law for violating the Texas Open Meetings Act.

“The tuition advisory process has been tainted by secrecy,” said YCT-UT Chapter Chairman Jenna White. “The regents need to make UT start over, and this time, hold the meetings in public.”

Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT) has been promoting conservatism at universities across the Lone Star State for over three decades. The state’s most active political youth organization, YCT is composed of hundreds of members and alumni who participate in the full spectrum of politics. YCT issues the most respected ratings of the Texas legislature and is the only conservative group to have done so without interruption over the past 19 legislative sessions. To learn more about YCT, their ratings, or for information on joining, please visit www.YCT.org.


PDF versions of the Letter, Press release, and Regents Rule are available here.

General Meeting 10/12/11

YCT General Meeting 10/12/11

• Discuss events
• Texas constitutional amendment election
• Upcoming events/opportunities

Upcoming Events:
• Build your own Ponzi Scheme
o Tuesday the 25th

• Debt Clock
o Sitting it in the West Mall
o Or game show! “What do you think the national debt is?”
o Maybe Tuesday the 8th

• Halloween, political
o Zombie voters
o Monday the 31st
o We will plan this at the next meeting.

• Maybe Counter Occupy Austin
o Occupation Wall Street

Discussion: Proposed Amendments to the Texas Constitution

Internship Opportunities:
Help Ted Cruz
• This week, Ted Cruz needs help calling people!
• This will look great on your resume!

Justice Willett of the Texas Supreme Court
• Looking fro campaign interns.
• Let Jenna know if you are interested.

Campaign Training Soon to come!
• Texans for Fiscal Responsibility
o This will be very helpful for us!
o $10 for us!
o It can help you become a great campaigner.
o Let Jenna know what the best weekend is for you!

18 people at this weeks meeting

Questions or Concerns?
Please contact YCT UT Secretary, Kasey Golden, at nedlogyesak@gmail.com.

General Meeting 9/28/11

YCT General Meeting 9/28/11
Dave Garrison- Candidate for CD-25
• “Conservatives want to give a hand up, not a hand out.”
• Discusses finance in the United States.

Business Meeting
New officers
• Allison Ngo –Social Coordinator
• Enrique Diaz –Campus Activism
• Kristina Meeker –Web Master

Since the Last time we meet…
• Constitution Day
• Jason Isaac BBQ
o With Lamar Smith
• Save the Easy Bake Ovens
o Had people sign a petition- around 90 people signed
• Barbecue Convoy
o To Black’s Barbecue
• TCRP CD-25 Straw Poll

Upcoming events:
• LI School, October 22nd and 23rd

Protest/Events Ideas
• Weekly reminder of the National Debt
o Tabling once per week with a big banner that has the National Debt on it.
• Protest Social Security: “Build your own Ponzi Scheme”
• Something for Halloween
o Something on Campus
o As well as social meeting

Minutes from 9/14/11 Meeting

• About YCT/officer introductions
• Upcoming events/planning
• Internship announcements
• Pay dues and go to dinner

Guest Speaker
Steve Munisteri spoke to us!
• RPT (Republican Pary of Texas) Chairman
• Endorsed by YCT
• Founder of YCT
• www.texasgop.org

General Meeting with Jenna White – YCT-UT chair
Recap on 9/11
• We had about 30 people to come help out with planting flags.
– Very successful event.

• Run through
• http://yctut.org/officer-board/
Open positions
• Webmaster—posting events and summary of meetings on our main website
• Fundraising – dinners?
• Campus activism – someone who enjoys making folks on campus angry! West mall stuff!
• Social coordinator- ideas for hanging out
• Email Jenna at chairman@yctut.org if you are interested in any of these positions!

YCT principles
• www.yct.org/about-yct/

Upcoming events:
• U.S. Constitution Day!!
o The University must celebrate. We choose to celebrate it because we love the Constitution!
• “Save the Easy Bake Oven” September 22!!
• Jason Isaac’s annual barbeque Roundup!
o At Salt Lick this Sunday
o State Representative
• Li school
o In Dallas
o October 22nd and 23rd
o Event info on facebook group.

Dustin Matocha
• Empower Texans
• Paid internship available – social media outlets, research projects
• www.empowertexans.com
• $150-$250
Tyler Norris
• Former YCT-UT Chair
• Used to work for State Senator Brian Bridwell
• Now works as Grassroots Coordinator for Ted Cruz
• www.tedcruz.org
• Contact Tyler is you want an internship
Lauren form Dave Garrison campaign – running for District 25 in the Austin area (UT campus)
• Internships available
• Extra tickets for Straw Poll event
• VP of Haliburton under Dick Cheney
• Professor
• http://garrisonforcongress.com/

Social Events
• Ideas?
• Saturday morning bbq next week
• Housewarming Party at the “YCT-UT Frat House” this weekend

Thanks everyone and see you next week!
Keep it young and conservative!
Kasey Golden