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The Young Conservatives of Texas – UT Chapter is a political student group rooted in conservative principles. YCT promotes its principles through a wide range of activities, including campaigning for conservative candidates, ranking the state legislature, and hosting events on the University of Texas campus.

To the prospective member, I hope you’ll look into our organization’s principles and decide if you also believe in the ideas of smaller government, lower taxes, traditional values, and strong national defense (or some combination of these).

Next, get a feel for who we are as a group. Look at our Flickr page and check out the events we’ve done in the past. You can also follow us on Twitter to get the most up to date news about our chapter. YCT is the most active political organization on the UT Austin Campus. Other groups may have more members, but no other group enjoys the active participation we do. Situated in Texas’ most liberal city, UT is not exactly a conservative bastion. This pervasion of liberalism makes our mission all the more important. While UT might not be your refuge for defending and promoting conservative principles, YCT can be.

On top of all this, YCT is your ticket to becoming involved in the political process. We participate in grassroots activism by making endorsements, lobbying, and blockwalking for conservative candidates, and by releasing our highly respected legislative ratings. YCT has released reviews of Texas legislators’ voting record since 1975, making our ratings the longest running in the state. YCT-UT’s members are always a crucial part of compiling and processing the data for these ratings, and we continue to be actively involved with the Texas legislature.

If any of this sounds like it’s for you, check us out! We meet every other Wednesday in UT’s University Teaching Center, room UTC 4.134. Check out our Twitter and Facebook pages for the most recent updates.